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re: Tanking Primer


For those of you interested, I found an article on tanking, and it pretty well describes the differences that ESO has from other MMOs in this regard. It's a pretty good read but I'll throw up some highlights here.


  • Tanking in groups in ESO is very different from other MMOs... don't expect it to be the same.



  • Group pulls in dungeons are usually about 8-10 enemies at a time. Don't expect to be able to hold all of the enemies, and you will probably die if you managed to.
  • Dealing with enemy packs is all about identifying and controlling the biggest threats, through actively taunting the things that hit really hard, and bashing the casters as much as possible.
  • Dealing with the rest of the group requires positioning (proximity seems to be a large factor in threat generation for mobs with no damage on them), and CC.
  • As a tank your job is to mitigate damage, but also equally important, it is your job to CC.



  • Bosses have an "action timer" of 2-4 seconds, which means that they perform an action at that interval.
  • Find the rhythm of the boss and pre-block at those intervals, which allows you to block light attacks and deal with heavy attacks.



  • He breaks down gear and stats very well, reference the source.
  • One interesting thing he notes is that using a mix of gear may be optimal to receive the maximum benefit from either stamina regen/dodging from having 2 pieces of Medium Armor, or spell resistance by having 2 pieces of Light Armor.



  • Use one skill from each class line, to keep those leveled up.
  • Equip 5 pieces of heavy, and 1 piece each of light and medium to keep all armor types leveled.


Sources: A Tanking Primer for ESO

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