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re: Beginner's Guide


Hey guys, I just wanted to start a post that I plan to keep updated with tips, tricks and FAQs to help new players get started in Tamriel. Please post your own tips, clarifications or corrections below, and I'll try to keep them compiled in the main post. Feel free to link or borrow from other guides out there, just make sure to leave a link to the source if you do! If you have any questions of your own I'll do my best to find the answers, and link you to another post or include the information in this guide. Welcome to the:

Gladius Liberati Beginner's Guide


- Always check bookshelves for free skillups from the books.

- Fast travel from Wayshrines to Wayshrines is free (teleporting to players in the group or guild will take you to a wayshrine for free).

- Make sure to keep checking for quests at the Harborage once you finish the first island, for main storyline quests.

- After the 5-15 zone (Stonefalls for Ebonheart Pact) you will start getting resources for the next tier of crafting. So, if you'd like to keep your crafting skill up with your character level try to do some extra gathering and crafting to get to that point before moving out.

- When general purpose leveling try to keep at least one skill from each of your class trees and a skill from the weapon tree you intend to focus on in order to keep your skill trees leveled up as you go.


How do I trade?

  Target player with the reticle, Hold 'F', select "Invite to Trade", select the items you would like to trade, and after both players have confirmed the trade is complete.

Where do I find crafting resources?

  For the most part mats can be found from wilderness nodes, deconstructing items, fishing, and from vendors near crafting tables (especially the style items like nickel).

Alchemy mats can be found from various plants nodes, as well as fish from fishing holes, and solvents can be found in containers like a "waterskin".

Blacksmithing mats can be found from ore nodes (often near other rocks and cliff ledges), and from deconstructing heavy armor and metal weapons.

Clothing mats can be found from certain plant nodes (like Jute), mob drops (like Rawhide), and deconstructing medium and light armor.

Enchanting mats can be found from rune nodes, and from deconstructing glyphs.

Provisioning mats can be found from items found in random containers, and fishing.

Woodworking mats can be found from fallen log nodes (often near other trees), and from deconstructing wooden weapons and armor (shields).

Where do you craft?

There are crafting tables for each craft often found at a common area in towns and cities

How do I unlock chests?

You have to depress (by clicking and holding while the pick is hovering above) a set of tumblers to the correct depth before running out of time. The tumblers will wobble right at the sweet spot and you have to release the mouse button. Timing is everything (if you fail the tumblers seem to retain the same sweet spots between attempts). If the timer runs out you will fail to open the chest and be unable to retry for a second allowing other players around you to take a shot. Also, getting hit cancels the process.



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